Buried Broadcasting

When people think of radio stations  at the University of Illinois, they usually think of the school sponsored WPGU. In fact very few people have heard of the underground radio station being run out of an old dorm room in the basement of Allen Hall.

Pizza Fm Logo courtesy of Pizza FM Tumblr

Pizza Fm Logo courtesy of Pizza FM Tumblr

Pizza FM is known for the freedom that they give DJ’s. While those who work at WPGU have to play music determined by the stations Music Directors, Pizza FM’s get to make and play their own playlists. Such freedom attracts a wide array of music lovers looking to share their unique tastes. This freedom is part of the reason that Pizza FM has been growing in popularity ever since its creation in 2012.

To find out more about Pizza FM, listen to the link here.


2 thoughts on “Buried Broadcasting

  1. Boyd, James E

    First off I had never even heard of Pizza FM so good job of finding a story that I’m sure no one has done before. I thought it was cool to just learn about how they do things, because I’ve been around WPGU to understand that they’re strictly alternative.

    As far as critiques go, I think the music was a little too loud during a couple of your voiceover pieces and it kind of distracted from what you were saying. I had to really listen to make out your words. I also thought that the transitions between audio pieces could’ve been smoother. At some points it kind of just jumped abruptly from one piece to the next.

    I know I’m being hard on you, but the your diction and tone were strong and again you chose a very unique topic. I believe the topic you chose easily shows that you have no problem finding engaging stories, and that you’re well on your way to being a great journalist.

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