Assign 5 MUNO Reflection

Assignment 5 was so far my favorite. We were able to apply all the skills we have learned so far this semester for this project. I didnt really experience any significant challenges– which is a rarity! I can say that I went into this project focused on doing one story, and that changed literally 5 times. Last week when PC had us pitch our stories I came to class with 2 ideas: flu shot story, or covering a Fall concert. PC saw the potential in both stories, but said I need to do more research. I wasn’t dead set on either of those story ideas, and as I was walking home after class I saw a sign on the quad that read “Migration Stories”. I approached the man next to the sign to find out more and I liked the story behind his project. I remember immediately turning around after this encounter and walking back to Greg to pitch my new story to PC. Monday rolled around and I heard about a different event going on- It Happens Here. IHH was an event were sexual assault victims can reclaim their voices by writing their stories and having them read by someone else. I came to class and told PC I changed my mind AGAIN and she approved this topic. I emailed the director of IHH and she said I would be unable to take video/pictures at the event because the material was sensitive. This discouraged me a bit, but I went to the event anyways. I got b-roll of what I was able to shoot and I got the interviews I needed to get, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied. The next day I heard a few student organizations were hosting an event on the quad for National Coming Out Day. I finally got what I was looking for. The event was “COOL” and the interviews went great. My package came together nicely. What I took away from this experience was that my persistence to get the best story possible is what took my story to the next level. I didn’t settle for mediocre stories and cover something just to get this assignment done with. I put a lot of effort and hardwork into this project, and I think my final result shows it!



UIUC National Coming Out Day

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