Self Reflection Assignment 5

I made the arrangements to go to the Tao of Health conference on October 10th–registering and getting permission in advance to film and speak with members after the event. I moved my camera around the room a few times to get good shots, and then interviewed two of the Chinese masters as well as Dr. Zhu. However, I found out Wednesday night while starting the editing that the audio for the interviews wasn’t working. While I was looking for sources to include for references, I found out about a local Kung Fu academy. So within a few minutes of figuring out the audio was bad, I called the academy and asked if I could interview some of the people that night. Fortunately Master Song agreed to it, and I got there at 6pm to do the interviews.

Once I had the film, I brought it to our computer lab to edit Thursday night. I asked for help from the other students in the class about how to manipulate the volume and how to add lower thirds to the video. After I had a good feel for how to use the tools and I had all of my footage uploaded, I spent a few hours editing it–trying to make everything smooth and audible. Throughout the course of this class I’ve gained respect for people who edit videos: if it’s done right, it looks like no effort was put into it. I think I’ve improved on my ability to tell a story with video as we talked about in class, but I agree that It probably would have been a good decision to lead with something more interesting. And the initial sound bite was probably too long. I thought his explanation was a good set up for what Qigong is; but more importantly, why would anyone care if it’s boring? So if I could go back, I would try to make it more interesting in the beginning.

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