Asana Poses for Beginners

This was a pretty easy project given my time restrictions. In Indian and in Hinduism, “yoga” refers to an entire way of life, such as “yoga of knowledge” or “yoga of wisdom.” In the West we’ve appropriated yoga to mean poses, which is why I refer to it as Asana. 

I’m just a rookie and beginner at Asana myself. My friend Lorraine studies Iyengar Yoga and I decided that it would be best to record someone who is more advanced and competent than myself.

I also aimed to use the original sanskrit names of the poses despite the fact that calling certain poses by English names is easier for Westerners. I wanted to kind of challenge my viewer to learn new terms.

I would never show this instructional video to any advanced yoga teacher because I am sure that I simplified a LOT of directions in attempting to make the poses seem “easy.” Lorraine on the other hand was GREAT and very cooperative. I basically just allowed her to be herself and take me through whatever sequences that she felt inspired to demonstrate.

In the interest of saving time I only showed the left or right side of each pose.


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  1. Welch, Frances K


    I really enjoyed your video! As a yogi myself, this was of interest to me and it’s cool to know others in the class are into it as well! The one thing I would have enjoyed to see was incorporating the directions of each pose while the subject was doing the pose. Another detail I think would be beneficial is if there was the English transcription of each pose, so for example, have Tadasana, or Mountain Pose. That way, it’s easier for the beginner viewer to better understand what each pose means. Other than that, great work!


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