Reflection of Final Projects

Mental Illness

Overall,  I thought this was a very unique perspective on mental illness. I think people need to see this perspective, and the way you presented this was excellent, great job!

Not My University

Honestly, I really enjoyed the title, I thought that grabbed my attention right away. I think the B-Roll was very powerful and well edited- it really spoke to the message of the piece.


I never knew what colorism even was until this project, so now I am glad I know what it is. I think the idea of expectations based on the color of your skin brings so much light to how we as a society need to look past the surface of someone.


1 thought on “Reflection of Final Projects

  1. Muno, Heather Nicole

    Cate Lao-

    I thought your website was fantastic! You made a hard topic comfortable to talk about and interesting to learn about. I really liked the gif at the beginning. You did a great job with the video piece on Cate Lao, every soundbite was sentimental and interesting.

    Not My University

    I loved the music in the background of your pieces, it was so powerful. It tied everything together very nicely and made each project inspirational. I liked your photo essay, I could tell you spend a lot of time on this piece because you had pictures from the archives which gave your piece more depth and credibility since you didnt just take random pictures off google.


    Attribute attribute attribute! You have to give credit on pictures you use that arent yours. Also, stop interviewing your friends! There were 2 instances when you were presenting that you blatantly said “I interviewed my friend (insert name here)”. Interviewing your friends isnt real journalism so just be careful, that takes away from your credibility.

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