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40 Under 40 Reflection

While I am proud of the content in my video project, I found due to my lack of work time I was unable to submit my best work. For my reflection, I am going to discuss parts of my video I could improve upon.

-I used a pan shot that I would have changed if time permitted. I now understand that the pan shot did not clearly show the building I was filming.

-Also, my interview with student Drucker, I was not videoing at eye level. I would change this if I could go back and re shoot.

-In addition, I in future projects I want to shoot more interesting scenes.

I find this project to be informative. I now understand what I need to do to improve my work. I am excited for the next project!

40 Under 40

Every year, Central Illinois honors the “40 Under 40” winners. This is an honor awarded to individuals who excel in community involvement.

This year, Illini Hillel’s very own Carly Foomkin Burak was honored with this award. Her award can be found through local news coverage.

Sometimes when you are doing amazing things, it’s for a smaller community or small group of people, not everyone can always see what you are doing.,” Burak said. “So, this award kind of gives us the chance to say, ‘look Illini Hillel is doing amazing work and we can keep helping the community keep growing.”

Student, Ross Drucker feels a connection to Carly’s work at Hillel.

“She always makes it a lot of fun and keeps the atmosphere really light. She is a really good friend to everyone here,” Drucker said.

Mike Schreiber, a staff member at Hillel, explained that Carly is very deserving of this award.

“Carly is extremely dedicated to this community and to making it a better place,” he said. “She works every day, very hard to make this campus more welcoming. It is blatantly clear to anyone that works with Carly that she is the most deserving of this award.”

To view my project, use this link.