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Mix, Drop, Repeat – Maurer Assign 3

I really enjoyed this assignment and the challenge of telling a story in only 1 minute. I chose to do my assignment on my friend Debjit who is a DJ on campus. I wanted to capture his story and his passion for music. To do this, I recorded Debjit mixing music in his usual environment, which includes listening to music by some of his favorite DJs. I loved playing with different angles to make a storyline.


Debjit making music.

While I really enjoyed the assignment, it also showed me the things I need to work on. For the next assignment I need to work on my shot quality and keeping the camera more still. I didn’t realize how much footage it takes to make a 1 minute video, especially when some of the shots were a little shaky, so I will definitely keep that in mind for the next video and get more angles and more video. also want to explore Adobe Premiere more because I felt myself getting frustrated with the editing process at times.

Despite those issues, I’m pretty happy with how the video turned out and I was pretty impressed with my ability to edit the audio into one seamless track.

“Mix, Drop, Repeat” can be found here.