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Expression of Chicago

Written By Tim Gao

Photo By Tim Gao

Highlighting the artworks from Chicago-based artists, the exhibition, Between the buildings, unfolds the stories and spirits buried in history. The historical background of Between the buildings is interesting. In last century Chicago, many artists working in isolation, producing creativity, diversity, and personal aesthetics. However, the artists could hardly find opportunities to exhibit their works. Thus they collectively exhibit with students in art schools, forming the idea of Chicago School.

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Assignment 2 Jassin- reflection

The photoessay assignment was awesome! I am starting to really feel comfortable using my camera and handling etc. Editing is still very new and a bit of a struggle, but I still managed to accomplish everything. I was at my apartment last week when my roommate  (James) and I discovered a beautiful rainbow right outside. In order to make the essay powerful, I later got a few more stills of the set up for why James would be taking photos of the rainbow later in the photoessay.  I also could and should have had more sound bites in order to add effect to James’s solo shots.

My videos can be located on YouTube without sound and with sound. Overall, it was a great experience.



The beautiful rainbow outside of my apartment

The beautiful rainbow outside of my apartment