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Jack Xiao


Wild Tiger, the most abundant species among the Felidae, is an endangers species now. Deke Weaver, a writer-performer, designer, theater, and media artist, traveled to central India’s Pench National Park, which is one of India’s last sanctuaries for wild tigers and many other areas, such as the edge of the Bay of Bengal. After these travel experiences, Deke Weaver build a performance that shows a connection between animals and people.

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Through the Eyes of the Tiger

Deke Weaver takes the audience on an experiential journey through the lense of the tiger

 written by Allison Spillane

the crowd there early to get seats for the show

This performance was a lot more interesting than I expected. It’s always strange when you show up to a small event for class and then learn that the show you’re seeing is apparently a well renowned advocate for climate preservation. Needless to say, the famous show well exceeded my nonexistent expectations. Deke Weaver’s show hit that strange middle ground between inspiring and crushing existential dread, but the message of climate change awareness is always appreciated. 

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Environment H.A.P.N.S. at the U of I by MyKeisha Wells

The University of Illinois (U of I) establishes several environmental aspects that attain a beautified campus, in which everyone can benefit.


As one walks on the U of I campus – predominantly during the summer time, it is noticable how the smiles, laughter, and vibe naturally bounce from person to person. There are students jogging, riding bikes, reading books, laying in the grass and professors engaging in light conversation with one another. This ultimately enables visitors to see and feel the humanity and compassion throughout the campus, which is appreciated.

Two gentlemen enjoying the weather on campus. Photo by MyKeisha wells


Photo by MyKeisha Wells

(Kelly Stauskin speaks of her experience on the environment of the campus- “every staff member and every professor that we’ve talked to have been super gracious and nice..”)



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♻ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! ♻


Illini Union Recycling Bin

Although we see recycling bins and bikes all over campus, what efforts is the school actually making in order to make the campus more eco-friendly? Students speak out about whether or not they think the campus is considered “green.”

University Greek Life has started a Greeks Go Green program in an effort to get a large population of campus involved in being more conscious about the environment. This program includes weekly competitions between sororities and fraternities and the winner receives a prize. The competitions include finding unique ways to conserve energy, collecting the most recycled trash, and more.

While the campus is trying now more than ever to get students more involved and educate them about the environment, there is a lot more that can be done. To view my full package story, click here.