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Makeup: Cariñosa at Multicultural Night

Written by Danielle Herrera

Various cultural-based student organizations perform and showcase their talents in front of a large student section at the Ikenberry.

On a quiet Thursday night, the Multicultural Advocates of Ikenberry South held its regular Multicultural Night in the IKE multipurpose room. The event was filled with performances from different cultural organizations, along with free shirts, food, and information about different cultures. Performances ranged from dancing K-pop to singing national anthems to reciting poetry; through it all, the unique aspects of each culture being represented definitely shone through each display of talent. In addition, the large crowd was noticeably diverse; people of all different backgrounds and colors came out to support their fellow classmates in representing their heritage and what their culture means to them.

I attended the multicultural night as a performer from PSA, or the Philippine Student Association organization here at UIUC. We danced the Cariñosa, which is a traditional Philippine folk dance that was derived from Hispanic roots. Cariñosa means loving or affectionate when translated in English, which is exactly the impression that this dance gives off; the movements of the Cariñosa are flirty and romantic, and with the addition of long flowy skirts and fans the such gestures are emphasized. Our dance in total was around 5 minutes long, beginning with the introductory bows to our partners and ending with the men and women holding up a handkerchief and facing the audience in a cheerful demeanor. The performance was quite simple and short, however it was still a very enjoyable experience.

Overall, I loved attending the Multicultural night; being able to watch students perform their culture’s traditional dances, songs, etc. reminded me how diverse UIUC is, and made me feel more welcomed on campus. In addition, I’ve only performed one other traditional Filipino dance so it was a nice experience to learn a different type of folk dance and be able to show it to others who embrace their culture as well. I’m glad the MA’s were able to hold an event like this, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about other cultures here at UIUC.

For more information on the multicultural advocates who held this event, visit https://housing.illinois.edu/living-options/why-housing/inclusive-communities/multicultural-advocates.

A Family Meal – Schmitt

The Varsity Room Staff serves over 700 meals a day to athletic teams at the University of Illinois.

Listen to my audio story here

Varsity Room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to varsity athletic teams at the University of Illinois. 250 athletes make their way over to the small cafeteria in the southeast end zone of Memorial Stadium for each meal.

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BBQ TIME-Barakat

SHISH KEBOB (Source: 123RF.com)


I started off the video by getting all the materials needed to barbecue. Then I got shots of the barbecue being prepped. Some standard shots of cutting up the pieces of meat and gathering the chicken followed. Also, getting the ground meat and forming it into a burger-shaped form. I then showed the beginning process of gathering the vegetables and placing everything on the stick, to make shish kebob. I showed the meats being seasoned and marinated, so they can get that good taste! Then I gathered all the prepped meats and vegetables and provided a shot of that. It was basically the beginning product. This part of the video is something any person can watch and follow themselves. The seasoning and marination of the meats were a unique way of seasoning, that I have used for many years. Check it out if you are interested in my approach to seasoning! Continue reading

The Chefs of Apartment 215- Assignment 3 Kaufman

Through my project I captured the meals my roommates prepare throughout a normal day. I can officially say that between my last assignment and this one I am a FOODtographer! I will definitely keep that in mind when job searching. I really enjoyed filming my roommates because I was capturing real occurrences in daily life. To me that is what I want to focus on throughout this class, real life.

This assignment came a lot more naturally to me than the previous projects. I found myself more comfortable with the equipment as well as with Adobe Premiere. This gave me the chance to move beyond the initial set-up and focus my energy on creativity. I hope to improve on this in my next assignment.

This is a tight shot of my apartment's shared refrigerator.

This is a tight shot of my apartment’s shared refrigerator.

Assignment 2 Kaufman

I decided to focus my photo essay with sound on food around campus. After completing assignment 1 I became more comfortable with my camera. I feel that for this project I was able to be more creative. I went around campus and documented food that I ate and saw throughout the week. Firehouse’s Mac and Cheese Burger is a favorite of mine as well as Insomnia cookies! I found I was able to get more interesting angles within my photos because of my prior experience. I also enjoyed this project because I was able to be original in the topic I decided to photograph.


A variety of cookies on display at Insomnia cookies on campus

I found that my sound did not connect to my project. I now understand that for the future I need to be more creative and find contributing sound that works with my photos. I prefer my “no sound” version of my project because the focus remains on the food. This motivates me to focus my next project on capturing sound.

Breakfast PEWS/PEWO Sims


Boiling an Egg

For this week’s assignment we had to do two photo essays one with sound and one without sound. The theme I chose to capture was my daily breakfast. I usually like to eat very light before class and I thought making a cup of tea and a quick boiled egg would be the perfect idea. However I noticed it was a little more challenging than expected because I was also required to capture sound of each photograph. This process taught me that timing is everything and I had to learn to choose pictures wisely that would give me great sound. I would say adding the sound to my second photo essay really brought the pictures to reality. MY photo essays can be found here and here 

Assignment 2 Reflection Dinh

A close up of the naan pizza as the cheese melts in the oven.

A close up of the naan pizza as the cheese melts in the oven.

Assignment two was difficult at first, because I couldn’t figure out what to shoot. Eventually I realized I was overthinking the assignment. I decided to take pictures of my friend making one of my favorite snacks, Naan  Pizza. I decided to order the shots as the process of making the pizza actually occurred. I didn’t talk at all while I was taking pictures, because I wanted my friend’s reactions to be genuine. In doing so, (I feel bad, but) I ended up watching my friend burn herself while reaching inside the oven without an oven mitt and was able to capture it with the sound as well. So you can actually hear a soundbite of my friend saying “OW!” You can listen in and view the whole video here. Getting a variation of photos was probably the most difficult, because I wanted to get wider shots but then i’d have too much empty face – losing focus of what was going on. I chose to take the majority of my shots close up, because I wanted to capture details. However, I was still able to capture a couple wide and tight shots along the way.

For reference, HERE is the link to the video without sound.


Study: Processed foods may be expanding, hurting your gut

7 final

A recent study has linked food additives to chronic inflammatory diseases. Choosing a smoothie for breakfast instead of a bowl of cereal or granola bar will minimize the amount of additives you consume.

Researchers find link between additives
and chronic inflammatory diseases

By Klaudia Dukala

Despite the guilty feelings that come with them, sugary, processed breakfast foods like cereals and granola bars usually top the list of most people’s morning must-haves. But those guilty feelings are about to get a whole lot worse because with those types of breakfast foods come additives, and with additives may come various chronic inflammatory diseases, including those associated with obesity, according to research published last month in the journal Nature.

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