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Assignment 2 Hilton

img_4337After this assignment I have learned a lot on using my camera to tell a story. This assignment required us to to take a sequence of shots with a common theme. I decided to focus my theme on “The Story of Dairy.” I began my sequence on the campus farm with pictures of grass and dairy cows, then I ended the video with pictures of milk and ice cream (products of dairy).

My topic is quite simple, so in order to make my video interesting I had to be creative in taking my pictures. I used a lot of different views and angles and tried add some action to the milk pictures. You can checkout out my assignment without sound without sound on YouTube.

One of the requirements was to incorporate natural sound, so I added some sound of the cows “mooing” and the pouring of milk. This project forced me to use my equipment in ways I never would have thought of before. Overall I learned a lot from this assignment, and most of all I enjoyed hanging out with the cows! You can checkout my project with sound on YouTube.