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Multimedia Memories: A Glimpse of the Future

Photo taken from google images.

Photo taken from google images.

Walk with me through my experience as a student in Professor Collins’ Multimedia Journalism class where I discovered new and honed existing skills. 

Day one of Multimedia Journalism 410 with Professor Collins was not the first time I had set foot in the multimedia lab. I remember back in March of 2012 when I came to the University of Illinois for Mediapalooza as a prospective student. It was in this lab, as I completed a fast-paced task involving iPad apps, that I decided to apply to the media college. Continue reading

“Practicing for Perfection”

I was excited to start assignment four. I knew the direction that I wanted to go right away and couldn’t wait to get started.


I wanted to film the Illini Synchronized Skating Team and focus on one of the senior ladies to interview. I was able to tape one of their two hour Sunday practices and talk to a lively senior named Heidi Arntzen.

Arntzen is an experiences synchronized skater who loves her sport. It was a pleasure talking to her and her fellow teammates.

For my video I tried to get a variety of shots; however, it was difficult to find right angle and left angle shots because the girls were gliding across the ice the entire time. I tried to remedy this by shooting low, medium and high angles.

I also found it difficult to keep the camera still instead of panning left or right because the ice surface was so large and the skaters tended to cover the whole surface. I decided to pan and follow them for most of the shots because I wanted to mimic what a spectator’s eyes would do if they were watching the practice as well. Unfortunately this produced slight shakiness in some of the five second segments. I will fix this next time by loosening the knob on the tripod so that the handle is more easily panned from left to right and visa versa.

I also ran into trouble while working with Final Cut Pro. I kept making minor mistakes or running into minor snafus. For example, I accidentally closed a couple of the Final Cut windows and could not figure out how to bring them back for a while. I eventually went to plan B and reopened another saved file where I had saved a copy of the project.

I also kept having trouble with the cross dissolves that I wanted to add in between the middle section of snippet videos. For some reason, I was unable to make the dissolve cover both videos in the middle section. I tried to lookup the solution online but wasn’t having any luck. Eventually, I tried double clicking on the cross dissolve and pulling the magnified dissolve out to cover a wider area. In this manner, I was able to fix the other dissolves.

Overall I am proud of this video. I enjoyed the project and I look forward to adding in the interview portion for assignment five.

Check out my final project here!