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Tragic Sound

Written by: César Díaz Blanco

I just had dinner at Ikenberry and was ready to go to the Krannert Art Museum. I got to the East Gallery just in time to listen to Bridge #2.2. This diverse group, in both place of origin and age, is constituted by saxophonist and flutist Mai Sugimoto, guitarist Raymond Boni, double bassist Paul Rogers, and Illinois native bassist Anton Hatwich. They all come from different parts of the world: Japan, England, and France.

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How To: Construct an Improv Scene


The Second City theater in Chicago is a comedy enterprise

Improvisational comedy is a form of live theater where the scene or scenes are made up in the moment. Improvisers will often take a suggestion from the audience and create a scene based off of that suggestion. The characters, environment, and plot are all created on the spot. All objects are also mimed and no props are used.

The basic rules of improv include saying “yes” and adding something new to the scene and avoid the asking of questions so as to not put your partner on the spot. The two most popular forms of improv are short form and long form. Short form is comprised of quick games whereas long form takes one suggestion and builds a long scene with layered parts to tell a story.

Improv is a great source of creativity and getting your brain to think quicker and on the spot. Improv helps with public speaking and builds teamwork skills. Improv is all about laughter! Here is an article supporting the idea that people who take improv are happier.

Check out my How To video here and just maybe you can be seen on Saturday Night Live!


Audio Package Reflection Pool


Spicy Clamato performing in Chicago for a special competition

The Audio Package assignment proved to be difficult at first. I had never put together a podcast-like assignment and was nervous to take on the task. I love comedy, so this was a fun assignment for me. I figured out ways that really helped me with this assignment. I recorded everything on my phone as well as the recording device so when one failed, I was able to use the other. Also, when it was my turn to record myself, I found it easier to record myself on my phone and make separate recordings, so I didn’t have to spend so much time editing the piece on Adobe. Overall, I thought the piece came together nicely because I did spend a lot of time on it. With that, there are definitely ways to improve. Next time, I will focus on not having net sound when I’m talking and work on playing with the volume so the sound is consistent throughout the whole audio package.

Ready, Set, Laugh!


Spicy Clamato performing for a special competition in Chicago

The University of Illinois is laughing up a storm with campus’ very own improv group Spicy Clamato. Spicy Clamato is U-Of-I’s longest running short form improv troupe that performs every other Friday night at the Courtyard Cafe in the Union.

The troupe consists of 12 members ranging from freshmen to seniors. Improv is a form of comedy theater performance where the scenes are created at the moment it is performed. Spicy Clamato performs short form which means they play games and get suggestions from the audience to inspire the scene. Spicy Clamato always has a sizeable audience including members of other improv troupes on campus for support. To check out the feature story on this hilarious group, click here.

You can get more information about Spicy Clamato including upcoming shows and video footage here.