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Art and Nature- Li

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People working on their Ikebana at the Japan House on Saturday morning, March 4, 2017.








A combination of nature and humanity: Ikebana.

Ikebana in Japanese refers to the arrangement of flowers and it is an important element of the Japanese tradition.

The Japan House on the University of Illinois campus is known for holding events in hoping to bring the Japanese culture to the community. The events include the tea ceremony, Calligraphy workshop, Girl’s Day celebration, etc. One of these events is the practice of Ikebana, the art of arranging flowers has been practiced for more than 600 years. Once in a month, people would come in to participate in the Ikebana workshop. Continue reading

*Knock, Knock*

The word ‘comedy’ surrounded by lights (Source: http://michaelroud.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/SKETCH-COMEDY-2-RESIZE-e1373413350959.jpg)

Freshman year of college may be a little overwhelming. You have to figure everything out on your own. All while trying to keep your grades up, make friends, and balance time for yourself.

There are over 1,400 Registered Student Organizations at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Champaign. As massive as the number may be, there is a new club that is trying to make a name for itself. Kendall Ralph is an undecided freshman who is keeping himself very busy. He is involved in creating a film-making and sketch comedy RSO.

“It’s a long process. And I’m working on it. I have to organize and find people, register with the school. I’m trying to develop a mission statement right now…”

It may be a long process, but his passion for film and comedy is what keeps him excited to make this club.

“I want to start a film making club, sketch comedy club just like I did in High School cause I think that’s one of my passions.”

Research shows that Fine Arts are extremely important to being a successful student. It helps improve emotional balance and help improve motor skills and creativity. If you are still iffy about Fine Arts, this will get you. Being involved in Fine Arts can help increase self-esteem, motivation, and increase the process of learning. Lizzie Bradshaw, a senior who was involved with a sketch comedy club in high school agrees.

“Arts brings out the fun in life. Kind of like makes people more comfortable if that’s what they want to do with their life”

Another benefit to joining a Fine Arts club is the sense of community and involvement that comes with it. Always remember that school is important, but so is the feeling that you belong somewhere. Lizzie says, “Just to bring people together is the most important thing. But I think that the idea of a sketch club is to make a home.”

Making a club is an important aspect to any club, but Kendall wants to achieve more.

“I hope it grows and gets recognition in a larger scale here on campus. I want people to be like that’s the guy from the RSO… Or something like that.”




This assignment was really exciting to me. I didn’t really have an inspiration until I was interviewing a new friend for fun. I started off with simple questions like what are you studying and How are classes going. Then I asked him if he is involved anything on campus and he said he was trying to start his own RSO. I knew there was a story there so I asked more questions like what is the process like, what is the RSO, and what are the goals of your club. Once I finally got the topic I was going to write and interview others about, I was really excited.

I got my other 2 interviews done and was nervous about the script because I wanted it to sound good. I just wanted to sound relatable and likable. After the script was done and I started recording my own voice, I was extremely nervous. I never did like hearing my voice on recording. I just felt it was too high pitched and annoying and for this project, I did not want that to happen. I just pretended I was talking to my best friend and that made it a little easier. I just wish I would have added more nat sound so that everyone could imagine being in the audience of a comedy show. I did love my topic because it was different and I was extremely interesting to learn about. I hope you enjoy the final product!


*Knock, Knock*

*Who’s There?*


*Watch who?*

*Watch my project here*

Read Script here: Ramirez Script


It’s actually over: Jour 215, it’s been real.

img_0543(Me and Sharon Cooper, Sandra Bland’s sister after her visit to class)


Wow, Journalism 215 “Multimedia” is actually over. As I sit here writing this, it’s amazing to look back and realize that this semester has gone by so fast. Over the span of these 16 weeks, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot including how to use a digital single lens reflex camera, (DSLR for short), how to create an audio package, and especially how to make a story out of limited resources. It means so much to me that I feel better prepared for my career as a broadcast journalist because of Dr. Collins’ class this fall. As you continue reading, you will get insight into what my experience was like this semester:

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Assign 2 Smith


Juicy strawberries that I used to create my homemade parfait

Assignment 2 was all about the image–we had to create a photo essay using a specific theme and of all things, I chose mine to be centered around breakfast 😀

For me breakfast is very fundamental to the start of my day because without it, I would be a hangry individual (cross between hungry and angry) and I wouldn’t be able to focus on my studies because all I would be able to think about is my stomach growling. With that being said, I took images as well as videos of some of my favorite things I like to eat in the morning whether I’m on the go, or I have a little more time to cook. My completed video without sound can be seen here.

If you actually want to hear the sounds of me cooking as well as my explanation of why I choose the items I eat everyday, then check this out.

I enjoyed doing this assignment because I really like breakfast. I didn’t run into many problems, except now looking back I was kind of shaky when capturing footage of the food. For example, when I titled the camera to film the chocolate chip pancakes, it was pretty shaky because I was holding it by hand. I will now work on controlling my camera.


Assignment 2 Reflection: Labor Day at the Beach – Avilez

4 w: audio

91 degree day at the beach.

When we had first got the assignment I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot for our photo essay. My plan A was to shoot my friend’s birthday party in Champaign over the weekend but at the last minute I decided to go home to spend some time with my family. On to plan B.

I love shooting outside and my family was heading to the beach so decided to capture the day. I was really happy with the shots and audio I got. I ended up taking over 200 photos, which I think ended up being a bad idea ultimately when trying to match my sounds to photos. Also narrowing my shots down to the 12 that told the story the best was difficult. Overall, I am happy with how the photos captured the atmosphere of Labor Day weekend at the beach.

Editing this time around was much less stressful. I wasn’t so far behind the rest of class like during assignment one. A problem I had however, was that I did not record enough sound to cover my entire video. I had about 40 seconds of sound to use for about 68 seconds of stills. I should have planned better. Also, much of the noise at the beach was overpowered by the strong winds so it was hard to get a variation of distinctive sounds. I could have done much better at finding powerful sounds to tell the story.

All in all things felt much easier this time around. Moving forward I want to try to plan better so I am prepared during the editing process. I also want to take more shots in difficult lighting because so far I’ve had excellent natural lighting. Maybe next time I will try to take some night shots.

You can see my photo essay without sound here. You can see my photo essay with sound here.

Assignment 2: Labor at the Beach – Avilez


Beachgoers enjoy a 91 degree day.

For our second assignment we had put together a photo essay that had a constant theme and told a story.

On Sunday, I decided to take my camera to the beach because I knew there would probably be a lot going on there given that it was Labor Day weekend.  I wanted to show how people were enjoying one of the last weekends of summer. I was really happy with the shots I got. I ended up taking over 200 photos. Narrowing down my shots down to the 12 that told the story the best was the hardest part.

In my first video there is no audio, then I added some audio to the second video. The sound I added helped to capture the atmosphere of the beach. It was very windy so a lot of the sound is of the strong blowing winds. The wind overpowered much of the other natural sounds. However, I did also get some great audio of the water hitting the shore.

You can see my photo essay without sound here. You can see my photo essay with sound here.

Assignment 1 Avilez


Simba Pillow Pet

“Why won’t this start recording?” I asked myself as I repeatedly pressed the photo shutter button. It took me two days to realize there is a separate button to take videos. That was however the purpose of our first assignment. It was meant to allow us to get acquainted with our camera equipment.

When we first received this assignment I wasn’t too worried about it because I own a Nikon DSLR so I’m familiar with the basic settings of this type of camera. I won’t lie I thought I was ahead of the game. Needless to say this assignment was a humbling experience.

Getting the still shots went pretty smoothly, but the videos took some work. After watching a few youtube tutorials I finally found the video record button. I also had some problems with focus when working with the record function. I particularly had difficulty with the pan left and right shots. My focus kept going in and out and you could hear my tripod moving in the recording. Once I got the hang of everything finding places with good light to shoot was fun. I took some shots around my apartment to practice and then I walked to a nearby park to get some natural light shots.

The editing process was much more stressful to me than the actual shooting. I had never worked with Adobe Premiere before and I am kind of a slow worker. I started to get stressed because most of the class was way ahead of me. I worried that I wouldn’t finish the assignment by the end of class especially when I noticed some of my shot were not the correct size. With the help of one of my classmates however I caught up.

After completing assignment one I feel much more confident in the editing process. Now I want to work on my focus issues when filming for assignment two. I also want to plan better for the editing process by choosing the exact shots I want to use before getting to class. I look forward to seeing my progress in these blogs throughout the semester. My video can be viewed here.

In the Blink of an Eye- Lerner reflection post

Announcing for BTN Student U

Announcing for BTN Student U

Coming into multimedia, I wasn’t sure how to feel. As a broadcast journalism major I had a good amount of experience in front of the camera, but not a ton behind the camera or during the editing process. Overall, I’d say I was bit nervous but also very excited. I knew that to have success moving forward I’d need to learn a lot about filming and editing, and that multimedia would be a great start to that learning. Plus with the way the industry is changing, you need to be very well rounded to be successful and that’s exactly the concept behind multimedia journalism. Especially now knowing that I’ll be interning at a TV station this summer and doing a great deal of both shooting and editing, I couldn’t be happier with the base knowledge I was able to gain through the seven assignments that we completed throughout the course of the semester.  Continue reading

Working Out the Kinks

How I Grew to Become a Better Multimedia Reporter


Everything in life is learned. Whether it was the first time learning how to properly throw a baseball or memorizing the state capitals back in school, everything takes time.

As I expected, this lesson wasn’t any different when it came to learning about multimedia in our Journalism 215 course at the University of Illinois. Things took time — and yes, there was a learning curve — and they took effort. But in the digital age we live in, multimedia is a necessary tool to learn when it comes to being a journalist in the modern world.

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