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Working Out the Kinks

How I Grew to Become a Better Multimedia Reporter


Everything in life is learned. Whether it was the first time learning how to properly throw a baseball or memorizing the state capitals back in school, everything takes time.

As I expected, this lesson wasn’t any different when it came to learning about multimedia in our Journalism 215 course at the University of Illinois. Things took time — and yes, there was a learning curve — and they took effort. But in the digital age we live in, multimedia is a necessary tool to learn when it comes to being a journalist in the modern world.

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Releasing Your Own Music

Musicians are utilizing the Internet to self-publish their own work

Sean Neumann

Photo of Eli Tracy listening to music he published


The dawn of the Internet changed a lot of things in our lives, but the music industry was completely spun around with this new tool for artistry.

Musicians used to have to “make it” and sign a record deal before actually getting the chance to record and release their own music, but now with the advantages of the Internet, anyone with a microphone and some time on their hands can put out an album all by themselves.

First came Myspace.com, allowing musicians to create networks of fans and friends, and getting their music out into the world for free. But in 2008, Bandcamp.com changed the way do-it-yourself musicians were able to promote their music throughout this online community that was created.

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Assignment 2: The Show Must Go On

For my second assignment, I knew I wanted to take photos of a story that meant something to me.

If we have to take photos for class, why not take photos of something I’d like to remember?

The first thing I thought of was the one thing I love most: live music. I knew of a few singer-songwriters touring around the Midwest who were stopping through Champaign-Urbana over the weekend. I had my project.

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