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Nature of Forgetting

Jake Xiao


The Natural of Forgetting, a show currently in the UK and around the world, is performed in Krannert center. The Natural of Forgetting talks about the story of Tom, a father who is struggling in the early stages of dementia with many early life memories, such as schools, graduation, weddings, daughter’s birth.

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Sounds of the Symphony

Amazing people making heavenly sounds.

I really enjoyed all three pieces. My favorite part was when the violins took over the pieces. I really like the sound of the violins over the other instruments, but I think when everything came together it sounded beautiful. The music didn’t seem sad or anything, I got a Disney princess feel from most of the music. It made me flash back to when I was a kid.

My favorite part of the concert was the solo violin. It literally brought something special to the concert. His sounds conflicting with the symphony as a whole, made for a great sound. I really loved when he did the high notes because they really caught my ear. Sometimes, all of the songs sounded the same, but when he came into play with the solo it really brought a whole different perspective. I also really loves when the music was upbeat (allegro) and exciting.

Throughout the concert, I really noticed when the violinists would flip the pages to keep up with the music. It was noticeable because they did it in unison. I also noticed when the other instruments left the stage because it just seemed bare without everyone up there. I think it was more visually pleasing when everyone was up on the stage.

Overall, the San Francisco Symphony was pretty good. However, I’m still not a huge fan of symphonies.

“Limbs”: Transformative, Impactful, and Captivating

Written by: Nora Guerrero

Erica Gressman performing “Limbs”.


The Krannert Art Museum had the privilege of having Erica Gressman, artist, perform her piece “Limbs” for an audience much eager to watch and listen. At first sight, I thought the structure was a sculpture. It was not until I had a closer look that I could recognize that a human body was inside the costume. Was it one person? Or two? This was exactly what intrigued me from the start.

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A Night at the UGL-Assignment 3

For our third assignment, we had to record and edit natural sound into our picture essay that we completed for assignment 2. While it seemed like a pretty straightforward task, I ended up realizing how easy it is to make a mistake. Continue reading

A trip to Pilsen’s Café Jumping Bean sounds delicious

IMG_3530Shooting photos while holding a recorder isn’t easy. But it had to be done for assignment three, and that type of multitasking teaches you a lot about what you’re capable of.

This assignment, which was paired with assignment two, taught me a lot about how to effectively shoot photos while recording nat sound. It also taught me what nat sound can contribute to a photo essay, which is a lot.

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