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What an amazing ride into the City of Bones!

Written by: Laura Chong

August Wilson’s Gem of the ocean was a phenomenal performance!

This is my first ever theatre play experience and I must say I am very wow-ed by it! Even though the show was long, it ended off with a huge bang! It was truly a memorable first theatre experience and I wish to attend more theatre plays from thereon.

The scenery and props immediately told me that the setting of the play will be in somebody’s home. To elaborate, the costumes indicated that the time is somewhere in the past. The gents were wearing tux and vests which are really formal, coupled with a hat. The ladies were wearing headpieces and long dresses with lots of prints. The paper boat gave me the impression that the play will be a mystical journey and set the mood and theme to be an exciting one.

If I could choose one character to describe their role in the play, it would be Aunt Ester. She is an important character in the play who holds power as the soul washer. She seems to be an important figure who is well respected by everyone. This could be seen in the way everybody greets her when they enter the house. Everyone was always ready to make sure she is comfortable by washing her feet, settling her down in the sofa. She also instructs Mary to do certain chores, in which she obeys. She plays a huge part in the play and story by assisting Citizen Barlow to travel to the City of Bones to restore the spiritual balance of troubled individuals, especially so since Citizen Barlow caused an innocent death by stealing the can of nails.

Aunt Ester travelling to the City of Souls with Citizen Barlow.

The City of Bones scene was SPECTACULAR. A very essential part of the scene was the dancers. I could feel the intensity and their dedication to playing the role well and it fit into the theme of the play so well and brought a strong visual of what souls were to look like. It was a little eerie but that was the point of the dance and their movements. I really enjoyed the props that the dancers were using such as red ribbons and wooden sticks as it brought more dimension to the play.

City of Bones scene

This play transported myself to a mystical world while showing what the African American community in 1904 was like. I could feel myself being transported with them into the City of Bones and what a ride it was!

This is Me

Written by: Darnisha Dunning

There is two sides to every story in this one is mine.


In a room full of white Tulsa I would be the one that stands other most due to my darker black pigment spray paint.
When it rains, it pours, but on this raining day the rain will clear up in the sun will shine high and bright
The sun will bring a hint of brightness in an empty room where no one goes, but I love to be
I would be the warm weather but not the humidity
In the history of told I would not be a part of it
There is always two parts of a story, so if I could be a body of water, I would be the merging oceans where the water do not mix.

Assignment 2 Blanco

When assigned this assignment I wasn’t sure what to do at all. We were given four words that our work had to be tied around, those words were afraid, fear, excitement, and hopeful. When thinking, I thought an easy way to incorporate those words in my photo essay were to attend an event. I was going to attend the Hockey Game on Friday the 27th but as soon as I was going to head out, I realized my camera battery was dead. I missed the event and I was back at square one again.

A sign while snowing during my night walk taking pictures.

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Critique of Fangi Liu (Casati)

Arts program with Tashi Kyil Tibetan Buddhist Monks

Hey Fangi, I thought this was a really cool idea for a story. I enjoyed the way you started off, however I thought it could have been stronger if you put nat sound in for your introduction and conclusion. For me personally, I thought that the nat sound made a big difference in my own project and I thought it could help yours a lot as well. Also, I liked that you had nat sound in your interview. It helped set the scene which seems to be really important in these audio packages. The one thing I was wondering about though, was who we were speaking with in the interview. It didn’t seem like you introduced your interviewee, and the story was interesting so I wanted to know who we were talking to! Overall it was well done and a nice story. Thanks for sharing!

My Journey Through Uncharted Waters: A Semester of Multimedia

Multimedia journalism was never something I thought I would be interested in but after taking Professor Collins’ J410 class, I challenged myself and now have a handful of new skills I can impress my future employer with one day. This is my journey through the ups and downs of finding those skills.

I remember walking out of the classroom after the first day of J410, I was incredibly anxious about the semester to come and I really did not know if I had it in me to succeed in this class. I had never worked with multimedia before so I knew this semester would be a challenge but I knew that I would learn a lot that would help me with my future career. Continue reading