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Assign 2 Photo Essay Pugh


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The second assignment of our semester was another challenge. I am still getting to know my camera. I do have plenty of story ideas. “Tea Enthusiast’s Bedroom,” came from a tip from a friend. Ariel Fang is an MBA student at UIUC who aspires to one day open a tea shop. Her website is called Ariel Drinks Tea. She recently spent time studying ceramics in Taiwan. Although Ariel did not want to be photographed herself, she agreed to let me photograph her bedroom which is still quite personal.

This was my first real experience with photojournalism outside of food blogging and instagram. Even though I talked to Ariel and had her permission, I felt like I was intruding. I sent her the photos afterward and asked for permission again. It makes me think about what a journalist covering a live event must think. The commitment to reporting truth, getting voices heard, and keeping audiences informed is central to a career in this field.

View my final photo essay with sound and without sound on Youtube.