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To Catch a Container

Tyler Tubbs

“The Container” takes place on a standard size shipping trailer moving across Europe towards England. This container, however, is full of refugees from multiple countries who were unable to enter the country legally. The dark, dingy atmosphere and the visages of the occupants make the miserable conditions inside tangible.

The actors accurately portrayed the primal struggle for survival and safety throughout the production. While trapped in the container, the passengers press themselves against the walls at every stop in hopes they may discover some minute shred of evidence as to where they may be or whether they will be given fresh food and water for the next leg of the journey.

The costumes of each character were absolutely perfect for this production. Through their clothing, it was rather easy to distinguish details about each of the characters. The costume that stuck with me the most was that of the businessman because the creators were able to capture his relative wealth in his style of clothing but to maintain the elements of struggle brought about by their current travel and entrapment.

All photos are the property of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. https://www-digitaltheatreplus-com.proxy2.library.illinois.edu/education/collections/digital-theatre/the-container#production-gallery

Assignment 3 Reflection

For assignment 3 we were told to create a video essay similarly to the photo essays previously done . The first story topic I had in mind for this project didn’t fall through so I had a plan B of doing a story on getting around campus in various forms of technology. I thought my video and shot angles have improved some, however I believe that I have to learn to become more steady when I’m doing more of my creative shots.

Additionally I have learned that each story must have a clear focus because if not then the viewers can become confused on what the message and purpose of each shot choosen. All in all i’m looking forward to more improvements along the semester.

Assignment 3 Video Essay Sims

Let’s get around Town! 

Nowadays there are many different ways students can commute around campus. For a campus as huge as the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana students need means of getting from one class to another on time. A transportation guide found online shows which type is most beneficial for the trip’s destination. Some are more budget friendly by using walking and biking as their sole means of transportation. Additionally at the U of I the local city bus is free to students as apart of their tuition per school year.

My video essay features all the possibilities of navigating your way to Gregory hall located in the heart of our campus adjacent to the undergraduate library. Gregory hall is home to the college of media students on the university and features a communication library.